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Welcome to Curb the Apex, the communal blog for everything motorsport. I was wondering why there was no Oppositelock for just plain racing, and then I realized that I had the power to create it myself, so I went ahead and did just that...

I've noticed racing-specific Kinja blogs popping up everywhere, like Rennsport and my own Formula Freak, but no blog for everybody else to be more focused on all the aspects of racing with out all of the street car nonsense and constrained rules of a more serious outfit.



Curb the Apex exactly follows the OppositeLock Handbook for rules unless otherwise mentioned; please read and understand fully before committing yourself to joining and posting on the Curb community.

I will highlight a few points that I find most important:

  • Don't Be a Dick
  • Seriously, Don't Be a Dick
  • And don't be a shit-stirrer either [Curb the Apex is a community for all forms of Motorsport, please don't hate on one over another.]
  • Do not "doxx" anyone without their explicit permission (do not reveal personal details about a person which could be used to identify them).
  • When sharing material from other areas of Kinja, or from posts originating from within Oppositelock, keep all of the above rules in mind. (For more information on sharing / unsharing posts, please see this addendum post on this topic).


Just comment on this post and you'll more than likely be accepted; at the moment, I can't see any reason why not.


I will be adding some more moderators soon, so they will be able to help you out as well. If you're a moderator on Oppo already, you are more than welcome to bring your skills and knowledge over to the Curb as I would greatly appreciate it.

If you are an author on Formula Freak you have already been added as an author here, but if you would like to be taken off, just let me know.


[Will update with Moderators' names if they care to be named.]

Who Am I?

I am a continuous poster on OppositeLock, the Editor-in-Chief of Formula Freak, a lover of Formula 1, and keen to learn more about other forms of motorsport. You can follow me or Formula Freak on twitter if you wish at @twhitey3 and @formula_freak respectively.


Did I forget anything? Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

But most of all, Happy posting!

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