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Not only did he win, but he won with a record setting lead of 14 laps, or about 19 miles. "How is this possible?" you ask. "That can't be true!" Well, it is. Find out about this incredible story after the jump.

It's the start of the 1965 Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway and Ned Jarrett (as well as many other entrants in the race) had a problem. Ford had fielded a new radiator design without properly testing it first, and itt turned out that these new radiators were easily damaged by debris on the track. As a result many of the cars were left limping along to avoid overheating.


Mr. Jarrett, however, decided to take a risk and put the pedal down to pull ahead of the competition. What he did next was something both unexpected and unprecedented. He ran the race by gunning it down the straights and then cutting the engine and coasting through the corners. By the time he came onto the next straight the engine would have cooled enough that he could restart it and floor it once more. He ran the entire race like this, surging right past the rest of the overheating Fords. As luck would have it, toward the end of the race a few of the unafflicted cars were taken out in a series of accidents and Jarrett took the podium with that astounding lead, a record that still stands today.

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