Personally I missed it when Travis pimped the re-release of "Weekend With a Champion " last year, so I knew nothing about it when I was browsing Netflix last night. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, and if you're a fan of F1 at all it is a must-see, and it's on Netflix right now.

I *was* a big F1 fan in the 70's; I remember reading Jackie's "Faster" in study hall in high school. He'd already retired by then, but he was ubiquitous on the racing broadcasts of the day, and he enjoyed a bit of popularity on the talk shows for several more years. He was also a celebrity spokesperson for several products, most notably- in the States at least- for 3M Window Caulk.

And I bring that up, because I find it sort of odd that there's no archives of any of those commercials that I can find, nor are there any clips of the comedic hay that "Saturday Night Live" made of them... Jalops of a certain age should recall that SNL did a couple of parodies of Jackie's 3M commercials. And if the younger Jalops are wondering what could be funny about a 3M commercial, well, just imagine a wee scotsman saying "caulk" repeatedly, and you'll figure it out!


Here's a clip from "Weekend With a Champion" to whet your whistle. My favorite scene, though, is a onboard practice lap at Monaco in the wet; when he goes through the tunnel, it's like a choir of filthy angels... Again, a must-see for any racing fan.