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Italian Grand Prix at Monza Through the Ages

What was Monza like when everything was black and white and people sometimes moved very quickly? How did it feel rushing through Parabolica and the oval section of the track with a front-engine car? Video dump.

British Pathé is a wonderful thing. Earlier they released beautiful, yet terrifying, unused footage from the disastrous 1955 Le Mans 24 hours in Cinemascope.


Continuing the Italian Grand Prix theme - where we had an extensive look at when F1 ran wild, when Ferraris of said era tackled the track a decade on, when the last of the V12s were let loose and how video games saw the years passing - it is time to dig into British Pathé's extensive YouTube archive for some of the great moments of the Gran Premio d'Italia during the preceding and early stages of the Formula One World Championship. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Yes, a 1000km of Monza event was thrown into the mix as well.

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